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Massage New Zealand (MNZ) is the only massage therapy specific membership body in New Zealand for professional Massage Therapists. Our purpose is to promote massage therapy and the ongoing development of the massage industry in New Zealand through educating the public about the benefits of massage therapy for health and wellness and supporting the public to access high quality massage therapy through our database of MNZ registered Massage Therapists. 


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Organisational structure & staff

As a professional membership organisation representing professional massage therapists from all over New Zealand, Massage New Zealand Incorporated (MNZ) is governed by an Executive Committee made up of members that represent the variety of professional backgrounds that MNZ members come from.

The Executive Committee is responsible for carrying out all matters related to the objectives of the association as set out in the Constitution, setting the strategic direction of the organisation and ensuring that the business and affairs of MNZ are well managed and consistent with the Constitution and Rules of the association. The committee consists of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Education, Publicity and Research Officers, and a Regional Liaison Coordinator. Executive positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and positions are held for a period of two years. Each Executive Committee member has a specific portfolio of responsibility. In addition to executive positions, there are a number of non-executive positions and sub-committees. The non-executive regional coordinator positions are also elected at the AGM and are held for one year. Sub-committee, Iwi Liaison and NZQA Liaison and Magazine Editor positions are non-elected voluntary roles.

MNZ also has two paid part-time administration staff who carry out the administrative support functions for the organisation. The Executive Administrator who reports directly to the Executive Committee, carrying higher level administrative functions and supporting the Executive in their work, and a Membership Secretary/General Administrator who deals with membership, advertising and general administration.

Organisational structure

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Organisation Structure

Executive Committee

President - Clint Knox

I will be supporting the MNZ executive committee and membership with their collective views on what may be the best direction for massage as a profession and promoting a greater understanding of the benefits for massage therapy in the public arena.

  • Diploma of Body Therapies (Sports)
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Massage
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology)

2000 was the inaugural training year in Wellington for New Zealand College of massage and my Diploma level training. Prior to massage my experiences varied, beginning as a farm boy, actively running, mechanical engineering, motorcycle mechanic and long-haul truck driving. Motorcycling years saw the fracture of a femur and a journey in figuring out how to help myself, which then became about helping others.

Sporting interests led my massage career in the direction of assisting athletes and working in multidisciplinary clinics from the very beginning. To date I have been fortunate to have contributed to four Commonwealth Games teams and four Olympic Games teams, including attendance at 2006 Melbourne, 2014 Glasgow, 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and 2012 London, 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

I have been actively involved with New Zealand Academy of Sport (NZAS) athletes since 2003 and currently with High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) since the merge from NZAS to HPSNZ. Exposure to the HPSNZ environment has evolved my practice methods greatly, due to required integration and collaboration within a large interdisciplinary team.

Clint was elected as Vice-President at the September 2018 AGM and took on the role of President in June 2019.

Email: President

Vice-President - Teresa Karam

As massage therapy gains more and more popularity, it's crucial that we continue to build momentum through growing our membership and aim for recognition from Government Health Departments and ACC.

• Diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage (UK)

• Diploma in Swedish/Holistic Massage (UK)

• Diploma in Aromatherapy (NZ)

I completed my massage studies in 2007 whilst living and working in the UK and have attended numerous workshops over the years. I was working as a therapist in the UK and upon returning to New Zealand in 2009 set up my own clinic in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty, treating clients from all walks of life. I specialise in remedial massage that focuses on tailoring treatments specifically to the client. I also have a particular interest in sports massage and have worked on some of New Zealand's national teams.

I originally registered with MNZ at RMT level in 2009 and after a brief lapse in membership I rejoined and have not looked back. Being part of a regulatory body adds professionalism, credibility and aids in your own development as a therapist. MNZ has come a long way thanks to the amazing dedication of previous committee members. I therefore felt compelled to be a part of the organisation that supports the industry I work in and am so passionate about.

Teresa was co-opted to the position of Vice-President at the December 2016 Executive Committee Meeting and at the September 2018 AGM Teresa was co-opted to the position of President. Since June 2019 Teresa has returned to the Vice President role.

Email: Vice-president

The Vice-President role looks after all MNZ complaints. Email: Complaints

Treasurer - Tania Kahika-Foote

I am passionate about our massage industry in NZ, and sharing this passion with the public. Especially when it comes to maintaining a high level of professionalism, knowledge and skill. Which is why I believe strongly in MNZ.
I completed my massage studies in 2005 at NZCM, Auckland. I loved my new found Soft Tissue Therapy industry, but, also still loved my current occupation as a Functions & Event Manager. I decided to challenge myself with a move to Wellington (where I knew absolutely no-one) and see if I could build some type of client base within 3 months. If I succeeded then this is the career path I would choose. Well within one month I was fully booked and had a waiting list...and loved it!

And so my Massage career began.

A contract with a sports team enticed me back to Auckland along with the offer to work within the Healthzone at the Millenium Institute of Sport and Health. The years I spent there were incredible valuable and cemented my love for massage. My main focus over these years was working with elite athletes across various sporting codes, with the odd pre or post surgery client thrown in. Then in 2014 I decided to make the move to the beautiful winterless North. I now co-own a successful Functional Movement Gym & Wellness Studio in Whangarei, and my clients now resemble more pre and post surgery with the odd weekend warrior athlete thrown in.

I have been a member of MNZ since the beginning and before that TMA. This year I decided that it was time to put my hand up and give back to the NZ Massage industry and MNZ. I am thrilled to be able to assist MNZ and the Executive Committee to continue building the foundations that have been cemented by previous members.

Tania was elected in by members for Regional Liaison Coordinator in 2017.

At MNZ AGM 2019, Tania was elected as Treasurer.

Email: Treasurer

Publicity Officer - Vacant

Email: Publicity Officer

Education Officer - Doug Maynard

I will do my best to work alongside the remarkable, talented and incredibly experienced and passionate Executive Committee and Admin Team at MNZ to represent and support you all in promoting, protecting and securing a promising and successful future for massage therapy in NZ.
  • Bachelor of Health Studies (Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy)
  • Diploma of Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Diploma of Therapeutic Massage

Doug has a 20-year history as a professional RMT and is the proud Owner and Director of a clinic in Auckland. He leads a highly skilled & experienced team focusing in Soft-tissue and Massage Therapy Solutions & Care, Injury recovery & Rehabilitation. Dougʼs particular area of passion is in the treatment of Cervical & TMJ dysfunction; headaches / migraines; exercise rehabilitation/conditioning through improving movement strategies & structural integration philosophies.

Doug has been a tutor and Senior Lecturer on the Clinical Therapeutics Program for Diploma Levels 6 & Degree Level 7 for most of his time in the profession at NZCM Auckland Campus where he studied all of his NZQA qualifications. Over the years he has added to his knowledge and skill base attending many Workshops & Courses from Joint Mobilisation to Advanced Dry Needling & Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles to Structural Integration.

I have known many colleagues over the years who have been involved with MNZ at every level of our superb organisation. I have had many discussions regarding the future of our profession and how MNZ work tirelessly to provide us all with security, support and positivity. Observing the movements within MNZ, it became apparent to me to put my hand up to support MNZ from within the organisation rather than on the fringes. Looking at the positions available it was obvious to me that the education aspect suited my experience.

Doug joined the MNZ Education sub-committee at the 2019 AGM in Hamilton. He was then elected as Education Officer by the MNZ Executive Committee in December 2019.

Email: Education Officer

Research Officer - Vacant

Regional Liaison Coordinator - Annika Leadley

To me, education and continued learning is extremely important and it is one of the things l love about our industry.
  • Dip. Holistic Massage

After taking an evening class in Basic Massage I enjoyed massage so much that I decided I wanted to do a qualification in it. I obtained my Diploma in Holistic Massage in 2009 whilst living in London. On my return home to New Zealand I have continued with various related study and courses including Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Ortho Bionomy and Reflexology.

After doing a bit of massage in addition to my full time office job, in 2012 I decided it was time to resign from the office and make massage my career and business. Since then I have worked part-time in my own practice in Hamilton, fitting it comfortably around my family (husband and 2 pre-school boys).

I take pride in what I do and want to be recognised for my level of knowledge and professional standards. MNZ validates our qualifications and spells out the code of ethics and high standards to which its members adhere - it sets us apart from the rest and that is important to me and to my clients. I never stop learning and there is always something new to discover about the human body or the modalities and techniques we can use to assist the body. MNZ recognises this too and makes it part of the criteria for its members.

Networking and being connected to other Massage Therapists is another reason why I continue to be a member of MNZ. As a sole trader working on my own it is important for me to have colleagues to whom I can connect with and MNZ has helped me to achieve this. What I can bring to this role is my organisational and detail focused skills from my previous work experience, together with my current passion and drive to learn, upskill, share and connect with other therapists in the massage industry.

Annika was elected to the position of Upper North Island Regional Coordinator at the 2016 AGM. Annika covered this role for 3 years.

Annika did an amazing job of leading the Conference Committee in 2019 in Hamilton. At the MNZ AGM 2019 Annika was elected in as Regional Liaison Coordinator.

Email: Regional Liaison Coordinator

AHANZ Representative - Iselde de Boam

Iselde de Boam
I am compelled to work towards lifting the usual approach towards, and standard of Massage as an industry both from the public and practitioner viewpoints.
  • Dip. HSc (Therapeutic Massage)
  • Dip. Remedial Massage

I've been involved in Massage both in Australia and New Zealand as a teacher and practitioner. I qualified in 2003 with a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage at NZCM and then went on to complete a Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2009 at the Q Academy in Australia. I set out as a sole trader in 2010, having then been qualified for 7 years and it dawned on me that I was creating a career - not just a job. In 2013 I expanded from a sole trader with 4 contractors and took over Absolute Therapy, a 5 room health centre in central Wellington.

I have seen and experienced the validity of Massage and with our industry not being 'recognised' by institutions like ACC it was extremely important to me to belong to MNZ to show the public that I held a certain level of qualification. I'm committed to ongoing education and to upholding a high standard of ethics. I began attending local workshops and the MNZ AGMs. I saw that there was room to grow within the organisation and that my drive and motivation and organisational skills would be easily applied. In 2012 I became involved in the Governance Group overseeing the development of the new qualification pathway for Massage within New Zealand that was submitted to NZQA and in 2014 I took on the role of Lower North Island Regional Coordinator.

I encourage participation from members and try to keep a focus on communication. It is important to me that we all see ourselves as the industry, not separate to it and just belonging to MNZ. The more of us that are involved, the easier each role becomes, I'd love to speak to anyone who wants more involvement - no matter how big or small!

Iselde was elected to the position of AHANZ Representative at the AGM in 2018. This position was ratified as an Executive Position at the AGM in 2019.

Email: AHANZ Representative

Sub Committees

Education Committee - Pip Charlton, Sheryl-lee Judd, Dawn Burke, Jenny Allan

Publicity Committee - Vacant

Non Executive Posts

Magazine Co-Editor - Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson
To be able to be creative and yet at the same time provide a service for the association, is rewarding.
  • Dip. Radiation Therapy
  • Dip. Therapeutic Massage
  • Dip. Adult Teaching

I originally studied massage while working as a Radiation Therapist in the UK, returning to New Zealand to join the very original NZATMP in 1989. The organisation was appealing then as it was setting the groundwork for a strong focus on theoretical and practical massage knowledge. Within this organisation I was involved in many roles including: Education Committee member, Regional Representative, Conference organising committees. With long-time colleague and friend Joanna Tennent and a strong forward thinking team, we sunk our teeth into conferences that moved massage to new heights: cadaver workshops in 2001 and a breakfast online video link with Robert Schleip live in 2007 were the highlights. During this time, mentor Sue MacVicar and I set up the Massage Therapy Training School in Wellington. At that time in the mid 90's our aim was to lift the professional level of massage and ensure therapists had attained a measurable level of training. All the while also setting up three busy clinics in Wellington and employing therapists we were training.

So, as a long standing member now of MNZ and having seen the growth and professionalism of the organisation shape massage in New Zealand, the Editor role became available in 2011. As an NZCM tutor since 2001 with links and connections to worldwide massage thinking and concepts, it was a chance to try something new. The backing and support of the MNZ President, Executive and Administrator is crucial to producing an exciting magazine quarterly. The magazine is continually improving, especially with a design professional who understands our requirements.

Email: Magazine Editor

Magazine Co-Editor - Odette Wood

  • Dip. HSc (Massage & Sports Therapy)
  • Dip. HSc (Therapeutic Massage)
  • Cert. Relaxation Massage
I studied massage therapy at the New Zealand College of Massage in Wellington 2013-2014 after working in the primary health and community sectors for many years. An organisational restructure in 2012 gave me the opportunity to rethink about where I wanted to go career-wise. I'd received a lot of massage over the years and I knew it was a really beneficial treatment so I decided to do a weekend introductory massage course to find out more. I really enjoyed the course and from there decided to enrol in a 6 month Certificate in Relaxation Massage, and when that wasn't enough I went on to complete my diplomas. I started my own business - Equilibrium Massage Therapy - in Wellington at the end of 2014 after finishing my fulltime studies.

Right from the start of my training, I knew that belonging to an association of massage therapists was important for me professionally as well as for the industry. Having previously worked with GPs, nurses and midwives who all belonged to professional bodies that were strong, I knew the power that such bodies had through numbers, and what it means for legitimisation of our sector. I joined MNZ as a student in 2013 and have been a member since. I contributed the odd article to MNZ Magazine and in 2016 I did a stint as MNZ Executive Administrator for 15 months. During my time in this role I was able to use my previous operations and project management skills and experience to help MNZ increase its public profile through a major website rebuild, improve brand image, increase the range of member benefits and boost membership numbers. My own business continued to grow and time commitments to it meant that I could no longer juggle my growing business with a growing EA role. I resigned at the beginning of 2017 but continued to proof-read MNZ Magazine for Editor Carol Wilson. Then at the 2017 AGM, I was persuaded to take on the role of Co-editor, sharing the magazine workload with Carol. I enjoy this volunteer involvement. I get to develop networks with massage therapy and other allied health professionals, educators and writers all around the world, bring exciting new ideas and information to our members to challenge and expand thinking, and work with someone equally passionate about sharing knowledge.

Odette was appointed to the position of Magazine Co-editor at the 2017 AGM.

Email: Magazine Co-editor

Iwi Liaison - Vacant

Email: Iwi Liaison

Regional Co-ordinators

Upper North Island Regional Coordinator - Kristin Carmichael

I am excited to help organise these meetings around the Upper North Island and share my passion for up-skilling and continual education, as well as reaching out to all therapists for the general advancement of massage as a profession.
  • Diploma of Therapeutic Massage (Lotus Holistic Centre, 2000)
  • Diploma of Remedial and Sports Massage (Scottish Massage Schools, 2012)
  • Bachelor of Recreation and Sport Science (EIT, 2004)

I decided to do my first massage diploma straight out of high school as I knew I wanted to do something with health, and I had been told I had "healing hands". I fell in love with massage immediately and especially enjoyed being exposed to many modalities in my first year of study. I followed this up with a Bachelor of Sport Science and for 6 years I worked as a fitness instructor / personal trainer, in the Sport Science lab with athletes and as a massage therapist, with individuals and sport teams.

In 2006 I left for my OE and over my 7 years away (mostly in Edinburgh) had a "day job" while I continued massaging in the evenings on colleagues and sport teams. After the birth of my first child in 2011 I decided to refresh and extend my knowledge by completing another diploma with the Scottish Massage Schools. I returned to NZ in 2013 and opened my home clinic in Torbay on the North Shore, Auckland in early 2016 after the birth of my 3rd child. From here I offer fitness and massage with a special interest in myofascial work as well as pregnancy & post-natal strength and fitness.

I was very excited to see the MNZ Networking Meetings start on the North Shore earlier this year, alternating with the city meetings. As a sole trader working by myself these have been brilliant for meeting other therapists, sharing ideas and being exposed to new information.

Kristin was nominated as Upper NI Coordinator at the 2019 AGM.

Email: Upper North Island Coordinator

Lower North Island Regional Coordinator - Janita Dubery

I am excited to share my passion with others and frequently take on a mentoring role to those prepared to learn and improve their skills.

I was born and raised in South Africa, completed 3 years of in-hospital nursing studies in 1999 and have an extensive medical background with 14 years nursing experience in Emergency Room, Intensive Care and Operating Theatre (esp. Orthopaedic). I immigrated to NZ in 2008 and with shift work making family life extremely difficult, I pursued a different path.

After being enticed by a Certificate in Massage modalities I went on to complete a Diploma in Therapeutic massage with distinction as well as a Certificate in Integrated Movement at Lotus Holistic Centre in 2012.

My main focus is to offer a holistic approach and solution to pain and restricted movement and mobility to aid in recovery and rehabilitation. I find it important to continually up-skill to assure the best possible outcome for my clients.

I hope to build a strong networking group as I miss having people with common interests to talk to and hope to achieve and facilitate this in my role as Lower NI coordinator.

Janita was nominated as Lower NI Coordinator at the 2019 AGM.

South Island Regional Coordinator - Vacant


Executive Administrator - Nici Stirrup

It's exciting to have the opportunity to combine my admin skills with current knowledge and experience of the massage profession. I hope this allows me to provide excellent care of the MNZ organisation and its' members.
  • Bachelor of Health Studies (Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy)
  • Dip. HSc (Massage & Sports Therapy)
  • Dip. HSc (Therapeutic Massage)
  • Cert. Relaxation Massage

After having experienced the amazing benefits of massage as part of recovery from chronic back pain and having a keen interest in how the body moves and functions, it was a natural progression for me to the profession of massage therapy.

I grew up mainly in the UK and over the years I have gained experience in a multitude of customer focused and admin roles.I began massage training at NZCM in Auckland in 2009. After many years of part-time study whilst raising two small children I completed the Bachelor of Health Studies in Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy in 2017. I have spent the last five years treating a variety of clients at a clinic assisting with acute and chronic pain, stress management and exercise rehabilitation. I also provide regular on-site massage at a retirement village.

I have been a member of MNZ for many years and feel that it is an integral part of becoming and remaining a professional therapist. MNZ creates a great opportunity to connect with fellow therapists and keep your finger on the pulse in this diverse and ever-growing profession.

I enjoy travelling overseas with my family and exploring this beautiful country by land and sea with a tent in tow. I spend my free time playing competitive hockey, practicing Iyengar yoga and ocean swimming.

Nici started her role as EA in October 2018.

Email: Executive Administrator

General Administrator - Esther Shimmin

Keeping abreast of what's happening in the industry is important to me as well as seeking opportunities to further my professional practice through CPD.

• Dip. Wellness & Relaxation Massage

• BA Business Studies/Administration

After almost 20 years working in the corporate world I discovered massage when a therapist came to my office. After three 20 minute sessions I quit my job and enrolled to complete the level 5 diploma at NZCM in Auckland. I completed my diploma in June 2019.

After my experience of massage I became interested in stress management and using massage to alleviate the symptoms of stress. I now have a private practice working with a variety of people who are living with high levels of stress. I also contract for a corporate massage company which I love. I truly have come full circle!

I am a member of MNZ and love being part of the wider massage community.

I am originally from Scotland and came to NZ with my husband, Phil and two kids, Liv and Nathaniel 7 years ago.

Esther started the role of GA in October 2019.

Email: General Administrator

Finance Administrator - Sarah Duckworth

I started my career in a small business book-keeping 32 years ago when the first of my two daughters was 1 year old. Since then, I have worked in theatrical lighting hire and arts festivals, both in New Zealand and Edinburgh, as well as the publishing industry, a restaurant, a bakery and a retail audio store. My most recent client acquisition is an upmarket hair salon, which is loads of fun. I've also been Treasurer for my local Community Council, and for the Wellington Blues Club.

I like to spend my down time singing, hiking, entertaining friends and, most of all, with my two young granddaughters. I'm very much enjoying my new role at Massage New Zealand.

Email: Finance Administrator

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