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Massage New Zealand (MNZ) is the only massage therapy specific membership body in New Zealand for professional Massage Therapists. Our purpose is to promote massage therapy and the ongoing development of the massage industry in New Zealand through educating the public about the benefits of massage therapy for health and wellness and supporting the public to access high quality massage therapy through our database of MNZ registered Massage Therapists. 


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Organisational structure & staff

As a professional membership organisation representing professional massage therapists from all over New Zealand, Massage New Zealand Incorporated (MNZ) is governed by an Executive Committee made up of members that represent the variety of professional backgrounds that MNZ members come from.

The Executive Committee is responsible for carrying out all matters related to the objectives of the association as set out in the Constitution, setting the strategic direction of the organisation and ensuring that the business and affairs of MNZ are well managed and consistent with the Constitution and Rules of the association. The committee consists of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Education, Publicity and Research Officers, and a Regional Liaison Coordinator. Executive positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and positions are held for a period of two years. Each Executive Committee member has a specific portfolio of responsibility. In addition to executive positions, there are a number of non-executive positions and sub-committees. The non-executive regional coordinator positions are also elected at the AGM and are held for one year. Sub-committee, Iwi Liaison and NZQA Liaison and Magazine Editor positions are non-elected voluntary roles.

MNZ also has two paid part-time administration staff who carry out the administrative support functions for the organisation. The Executive Administrator who reports directly to the Executive Committee, carrying higher level administrative functions and supporting the Executive in their work, and a Membership Secretary/General Administrator who deals with membership, advertising and general administration.

Organisational structure

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Organisational Structure

Executive Committee

President - Helen Smith

I see membership of MNZ as giving me a sense of professionalism. I feel it offers protection to its members and their clients by having clearly laid out standards of practice and good procedures. As a sole practitioner I feel I’m not really alone, but part of a community.
  • Diploma Body Therapies
  • Diploma Therapeutic Massage
I graduated from The NZ College of Massage (Wellington) in 2001 – their inaugural year. Since then I have done numerous workshops, mostly at massage conferences and have specialised in upper body conditions related to sedentary roles - e.g. frozen shoulder. From 2004, I have been working 3 days a week at Victoria University, loosely attached to the Health and Safety Department. Victoria University insisted that I was a member of a professional body. My interests are yoga, walking and reading.

I joined first TMA then stayed with MNZ after the merger. When I was at the College it was expected that students would join after graduating. For me, it was part of becoming a professional massage therapist. Being a member offers protection to both clients and myself, with its clearly spelt out scope of practice, code of ethics and complaints procedure. I feel it is time to give something back to the organisation. I was voted onto the Executive Committee as Vice President at the AGM held in August 2016.

Helen was co-opted from the position of Vice President to President at the December 2016 Executive Committee meeting.

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Vice-President - Teresa Karam

As massage therapy gains more and more popularity, it's crucial that we continue to build momentum through growing our membership and aim for recognition from Government Health Departments and ACC.
  • Diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage (UK)
  • Diploma in Swedish/Holistic Massage (UK)
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy (NZ)
I completed my massage studies in 2007 whilst living and working in the UK and have attended numerous workshops over the years. I was working as a therapist in the UK and upon returning to New Zealand in 2009 set up my own clinic in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty, treating clients from all walks of life. I specialise in remedial massage that focuses on tailoring treatments specifically to the client. I also have a particular interest in sports massage and have worked on some of New Zealand's national teams.

I originally registered with MNZ at RMT level in 2009 and after a brief lapse in membership I rejoined and have not looked back. Being part of a regulatory body adds professionalism, credibility and aids in your own development as a therapist. MNZ has come a long way thanks to the amazing dedication of previous committee members. I therefore felt compelled to be a part of the organisation that supports the industry I work in and am so passionate about.

Teresa was co-opted to the position of Vice President at the December 2016 Executive Committee meeting.

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Treasurer - Reinarda Reilly
(position due to be vacant)

As Treasurer for MNZ I bring with me my passion for both massage and accounts, understanding the massage world as well as bringing in the necessary skills to keep accurate records.
  • Dip. Massage Therapy

I graduated from the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine in March 2004 with a Diploma in Massage Therapy. I have been massaging ever since mainly on a part time basis. I currently massage at Waipu Natural Health, a multi-disciplinary clinic, on Fridays and every second Saturday.

My other line of work is contract bookkeeping and I am a tax agent looking after small businesses, ensuring they are tax compliant. I work from home as well as on site four days a week.

I have been a member of TMA before the amalgamation of TMA with MINZI, and continued membership with MNZ. I have been a Treasurer since August 2009. Since I had the skills to do the job and no one else put their hand up, I felt that it was my turn to be part of the Executive Committee. I have been on the Executive ever since.

My interest in being a Treasurer is to give a good, tidy representation of the financial side of Massage New Zealand Inc.

Reina was elected to the position of Treasurer at the 2009 AGM.

Email: Treasurer

Publicity Officer - Karley Skinner
(position due to be vacant)

I think membership is vital in increasing our credibility in the wider health community.
  • Cert. Relaxation Massage
  • Dip. HSc. (Massage Therapy)
  • Bachelor of Applied Management (HR & Strategic Management) (2017)

I moved to Wellington from the Bay of Plenty in 2008 to study Fine Arts, however my interests in health science and medical illustration merged to push me into a career in massage therapy. I completed my Diploma in Health Science (Massage Therapy) in 2013, and have been working since then in treating a broad range of clientele. I am particularly interested in treatment for headaches, TMJ disorder, OOS and chronic pain issues. I believe in working alongside other health professionals to find the best treatments available for a client, and I currently work at Intensive Health Clinic, a multi-disciplinary practice.

Outside of massage therapy, I am completing a Bachelor of Applied Management in HR and Strategy, and am particularly interested in supporting organisations in creating mentally and physically healthy workplaces, and ensuring the continuity of their business after disruptions.

I have been a member of MNZ since September 2016, and I think membership is vital in increasing our credibility in the wider health community, and creating a regulated industry that is recognized as a viable treatment option by ACC and other government agencies.

I hope to bring my experience in the massage sector and my knowledge from studying management to the executive table, particularly in promoting membership growth. I would also like to explore what we can do to promote our members more, and support them in their career growth.

Karley was co-opted to the position of Publicity Officer at the December 2016 Executive Committee meeting.

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Education Officer - Rosie Greene

I have always firmly believed that it is essential to maintain high professional standards across the (massage) industry.
  • Dip Therapeutic Massage (Dist)
  • Certified Instructor VM1
  • Teaching assistant - VM1-6. LT1, NM1-3

Rosie Greene has been in private practice as a Remedial Massage Therapist in New Zealand since 2002. Her training was undertaken at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine where she qualified with Distinction. She has continued her clinical education through courses in gentle hands-on approaches, offered through the Barral and Upledger Institutes in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Her broad training includes studies in visceral, vascular and neural manipulation and craniosacral therapy. She has been a passionate practitioner of Visceral Manipulation since 2008, studying extensively in Australia and USA at courses held by the Barral Institute. Since August 2010 she has been a teaching assistant at courses teaching the Visceral Manipulation curriculum and has run study groups in New Zealand and Australia. In 2015 she became a Certified Visceral Manipulation 1 Barral Institute Instructor for the Barral Institute, and now teaches internationally. Prior to becoming a massage therapist she trained as a primary school teacher in Zimbabwe where she grew up.

Rosie has recently become a MNZ member. She volunteered to become a member of the Executive Committee when the call for new members was made in October 2016. So much dedication and hard work has gone into Massage New Zealand by many previous committee members, she felt it was time for her to step up and continue the work. She believes that Massage Therapy is a wonderful platform from which to grow as a therapist.

Rosie was co-opted to the position of Education Officer at the December 2016 Executive Committee meeting.

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Research Officer - Currently vacant

MNZ is seeking expressions of interest from current MNZ members for this position.

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Regional Liaison Coordinator - Donna Roy
(position due to be vacant)

I like sharing information amongst therapists and keeping people connected.
  • Cert. Relaxation Massage
  • Cert. Allied Therapies

Donna trained at the New Zealand College of Massage in Wellington. After graduating, she had a practice in Lower Hutt for eight years and in April 2016 moved from Wellington to Christchurch and has started her practice again, renamed The Healing Dimension, based in Addington.

The main focus of her practice is Holistic Healing Massage and she also offers Reiki/Spiritual Healing and Reflexology. Donna enjoys working with clients with emotional issues that are manifesting in a physical way and has experience working with clients going through challenging phases in their lives. For two years she worked one day a week at Refugees as Survivors offering restorative healing massage for those who had experienced torture and extreme trauma. In June 2016 Donna attended Oncology Massage Level One and has been doing case study work in preparation for Level Two in June 2017. Donna works with clients of all ages, from all sorts of backgrounds, ethnicity and spiritual beliefs. She offers a safe, non-judgmental environment for people to be at peace and heal. She has been a member of MNZ since 2012.

Donna put her hand up to join the Executive Committee after reading a heart-felt message sent out by MNZ in October 2016, asking people to step up. Donna connected with the Regional Co-ordinator role as she likes sharing information amongst therapists and keeping people connected. Donna has previously worked in the corporate world, including the Institute of Directors and NZ Stock Exchange, and brings that experience to the MNZ Executive.

Donna was co-opted to the position of Regional Liaison Coordinator at the December 2016 Executive Committee meeting.

Email: Regional Liaison Coordinator

Sub Committees

Education Sub Commitee - Pip Charlton, Bridie Munro

Publicity Sub Committee - Crystal Golding, Natalie Dent, Rachel Ah Kit

Non Executive Posts

Magazine Editor - Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson
To be able to be creative and yet at the same time provide a service for the association, is rewarding.
  • Dip. Radiation Therapy
  • Dip. Therapeutic Massage
  • Dip. Adult Teaching

I originally studied massage while working as a Radiation Therapist in the UK, returning to New Zealand to join the very original NZATMP in 1989. The organisation was appealing then as it was setting the groundwork for a strong focus on theoretical and practical massage knowledge. Within this organisation I was involved in many roles including: Education Committee member, Regional Representative, Conference organising committees. With long-time colleague and friend Joanna Tennent and a strong forward thinking team, we sunk our teeth into conferences that moved massage to new heights: cadaver workshops in 2001 and a breakfast online video link with Robert Schleip live in 2007 were the highlights. During this time, mentor Sue MacVicar and I set up the Massage Therapy Training School in Wellington. At that time in the mid 90’s our aim was to lift the professional level of massage and ensure therapists had attained a measurable level of training. All the while also setting up three busy clinics in Wellington and employing therapists we were training.

So, as a long standing member now of MNZ and having seen the growth and professionalism of the organisation shape massage in New Zealand, the Editor role became available in 2011. As an NZCM tutor since 2001 with links and connections to worldwide massage thinking and concepts, it was a chance to try something new. The backing and support of the MNZ President, Executive and Administrator is crucial to producing an exciting magazine quarterly. The magazine is continually improving, especially with a design professional who understands our requirements.

Email: Magazine Editor

Iwi Liaison - Stanley Williams

I look forward to providing advice and direction relating to all things Māori in the areas of hauora – health, tikanga – protocols and practices, and Te Reo – language.
  • Certificate Massage Modalities
  • BTSM (studying towards)
Whānau a Kai, Te Aitanga a Mahāki, Rongowhakaata, Ngāti Porou.

I am a proud 5th generation descendent of Wi Pere - great chief of the East Coast iwi Rongowhakaata and Te Aitanga a Mahaki. I spent my childhood growing up in Tūranganui ā Kiwa – Gisborne, and over 10 years living and working in Auckland. I have worked in HR as a Recruitment Consultant in Central Auckland, and Real Estate in Remuera and Ponsonby, and more recently owned a café back home in Gisborne.

Caring for my grandmother until her passing in 2015, I have seen first-hand how chronic pain can suck the life out of people. Helping her has given me a passion, an ambition and a drive to learn more about how the human body works, how it repairs, how we move and how massage therapy can significantly influence these processes.

In 2014 I graduated with a Certificate in Massage Modalities from Lotus Holistic Centre and I am now studying towards a Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage at Invercargill’s Southern Institute of Technology (S.I.T), and am the student representative on the Massage and Natural Therapies Advisory Committee for S.I.T.

I am enormously proud to be appointed as the new Iwi Liaison Officer at Massage New Zealand. Particular focus must be for us as an organisation to work safely and competently and in partnership with Māori.

Stanley was elected to the position of Iwi Liaison at the 2016 AGM.

Email: Iwi Liaison

Regional Co-ordinators

Upper North Island Regional Coordinator - Annika Leadley

To me, education and continued learning is extremely important and it is one of the things l love about our industry.
  • Dip. Holistic Massage

After taking an evening class in Basic Massage I enjoyed massage so much that I decided I wanted to do a qualification in it. I obtained my Diploma in Holistic Massage in 2009 whilst living in London. On my return home to New Zealand I have continued with various related study and courses including Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Ortho Bionomy and Reflexology.

After doing a bit of massage in addition to my full time office job, in 2012 I decided it was time to resign from the office and make massage my career and business. Since then I have worked part-time in my own practice in Hamilton, fitting it comfortably around my family (husband and 2 pre-school boys).

I take pride in what I do and want to be recognised for my level of knowledge and professional standards. MNZ validates our qualifications and spells out the code of ethics and high standards to which its members adhere – it sets us apart from the rest and that is important to me and to my clients. I never stop learning and there is always something new to discover about the human body or the modalities and techniques we can use to assist the body. MNZ recognises this too and makes it part of the criteria for its members.

Networking and being connected to other Massage Therapists is another reason why I continue to be a member of MNZ. As a sole trader working on my own it is important for me to have colleagues to whom I can connect with and MNZ has helped me to achieve this. What I can bring to this role is my organisational and detail focused skills from my previous work experience, together with my current passion and drive to learn, upskill, share and connect with other therapists in the massage industry.

Annika was elected to the position of Upper North Island Regional Coordinator at the 2016 AGM.

Email: Upper North Island Coordinator

Lower North Island Regional Coordinator - Iselde de Boam

Iselde de Boam
I am compelled to work towards lifting the usual approach towards, and standard of Massage as an industry both from the public and practitioner viewpoints.
  • Dip. HSc (Therapeutic Massage)
  • Dip. Remedial Massage

I’ve been involved in Massage both in Australia and New Zealand as a teacher and practitioner. I qualified in 2003 with a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage at NZCM and then went on to complete a Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2009 at the Q Academy in Australia. I set out as a sole trader in 2010, having then been qualified for 7 years and it dawned on me that I was creating a career – not just a job. In 2013 I expanded from a sole trader with 4 contractors and took over Absolute Therapy, a 5 room health centre in central Wellington.

I have seen and experienced the validity of Massage and with our industry not being ‘recognised’ by institutions like ACC it was extremely important to me to belong to MNZ to show the public that I held a certain level of qualification. I’m committed to ongoing education and to upholding a high standard of ethics. I began attending local workshops and the MNZ AGMs. I saw that there was room to grow within the organisation and that my drive and motivation and organisational skills would be easily applied. In 2012 I became involved in the Governance Group overseeing the development of the new qualification pathway for Massage within New Zealand that was submitted to NZQA and in 2014 I took on the role of Lower North Island Regional Coordinator.

I encourage participation from members and try to keep a focus on communication. It is important to me that we all see ourselves as the industry, not separate to it and just belonging to MNZ. The more of us that are involved, the easier each role becomes, I’d love to speak to anyone who wants more involvement – no matter how big or small!

Iselde was elected to the position of Lower North Island Regional Coordinator at the 2015 AGM.

Email: Lower North Island Coordinator

South Island Regional Coordinator - Currently Vacant

Email: South Island Regional Coordinator


Executive Administrator - Nicole Hedges

I look forward to helping continue to grow massage New Zealand members and its services.
  • Cert. Stress Management & Spa Therapies

In 2016 I completed my Certificate in Stress Management and Spa Therapies (Level 5) graduating with distinction. I am currently in my second year studying towards a Diploma in Advanced Therapeutic Massage (Level 6). I am also starting my own massage practice based from a local gym in Green Island.

After 30 years of varying office manager/administration/marketing work around Dunedin, Queenstown, Auckland and London and my children becoming more independent. I decided it was time for a change and to follow my interest in massage. I see this roll fitting in perfectly as I establish my business and finish my studies. I look forward to helping continue to grow massage New Zealand members and its services.

I love spending time with my husband and two teenage children. As a family we enjoy mountain biking, walking/tramping, camping, skiing and the general outdoors.

Email: Executive Administrator

General Administrator - Melissa Orchard

Bringing some new ideas and helping MNZ to run smoothly on a daily basis and helping you as members is what I am looking forward to in this position.
  • Cert. Relaxation Massage

I am the General Administrator for Massage New Zealand, having joined the team in August 2016. The New Zealand College of Massage is where I did my training in massage and I graduated in 2012. My clinic at home keeps me busy but I also spend time in Corporate Chair Massage as well. I have been a CMT member of MNZ since 2012 and am very excited about my role as General Administrator as for me, life is all about balance so being mentally and physically active in my work is perfect.

Being a member of MNZ has always helped me to feel part of a community of Massage Therapists, helping to keep us safe, informed and always continuing to learn. It also helps the public to make informed decisions when finding a Massage Therapist that will work for them.

I am very passionate about massage and love helping my clients manage their stress, relax, ease tension, recover, revive and maintain their bodies in this busy world of ours. When I am not working, I love to spend time with my beautiful daughters, friends and family, walking, the beach, travelling, camping, yoga, gardening, DIY and a relaxing movie at the end of a busy day is also bliss.

Email: General Administrator

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