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Massage New Zealand (MNZ) is the only massage therapy specific membership body in New Zealand for professional Massage Therapists. Our purpose is to promote massage therapy and the ongoing development of the massage industry in New Zealand through educating the public about the benefits of massage therapy for health and wellness and supporting the public to access high quality massage therapy through our database of MNZ registered Massage Therapists. 


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Benefits of choosing a MNZ therapist

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Making a complaint

Every client who receives massage therapy has the right to be treated with respect, fairness, and dignity. Clients are entitled to receive a quality service and the treatment should be delivered with proper care and skill. Information should be communicated clearly so that you can understand your treatment, and you should be given enough information to enable you to make an informed decision about your treatment.

Massage Therapists who are members of MNZ are required to abide by a Code of Ethics that outlines how the Massage Therapist should interact with clients, the required standards for professionalism, their scope of practice, the image they project and any advertising claims they may make.

To check if your Massage Therapist is a member of MNZ, you can check on our Find A Therapist listing.

Raising concerns

You have a number of options you can consider if you are not satisfied with the service you have received from an MNZ Massage Therapist, or if you feel that your rights under the MNZ Code of Ethics or the Health & Disability Commission Code of Rights have been breached.

Your first step may be to raise your concerns directly with the Massage Therapist to give them the opportunity to respond and sort out the problem. You can also get help and support from family or friends to raise concerns with your therapist.

If you don't feel comfortable with these options, or you have done this and feel that you have not been listened to, then your next step may be to make a formal complaint. You can do this through MNZ or the Health and Disability Commissioner.

Making a complaint about a Massage Therapist

MNZ has a complaints procedure that assists us in considering and managing complaints made by clients about MNZ members. You can download the MNZ Complaints Procedure here.

Complaints Procedure

How can the MNZ Complaints process assist you with making your complaint, and getting your desired outcome?

You can make a complaint about an MNZ registered Massage Therapist, and our Complaints Officer will help to address your concerns, investigate the complaint and mediate between you and the MNZ therapist.

If your complaint is serious, and it is necessary, we will encourage you to make a complaint with the Health and Disability Commissioner, or to report the issue to the Police.

What kind of complaints can MNZ help you with?

The MNZ Complaints Officer can look into issues relating to maltreatment, unethical behaviour or physically dangerous practice, therapists working outside of their scope of practice, and business advertisement concerns.

Maltreatment (unethical, or physically dangerous practice)

Yes we can help if you or a minor in your immediate family (where you are the guardian) has experienced maltreatment. Please contact the Complaints Officer with details of the maltreatment. Please also see the MNZ Code of Ethics.

Business Advertisements

If you have a complaint relating to a therapist's business advertisement and advertising claims, yes we can help. Please contact the Complaints Officer with full details of the advertisement and your concerns.

How to contact the Complaints Officer

You can contact our Complaints Officer directly at complaints@massagenewzealand.org.nz

You can also contact us via 0800 367 669 and we will pass on your details to the Complaints Officer and they will get in touch with you directly.

Business dealing and contracts with unclear or undefined communication

If you are unhappy about a business dealing or contract, or your rights as a consumer, please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

What if the therapist I want to complain about is not registered with MNZ?

If your complaint is related to your rights as a consumer, under the Fair Trading Act or Consumer Guarantees Act, you can contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

If your complaint is about rights as a user of a health and disability service, and in cases of maltreatment and injury resulting from treatment by a therapist, you should contact the Health and Disability Commissioner

If you wish to report a crime to the Police, for example, in cases of indecent assault, sexual harassment, or sexual assault please contact your local police

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Benefits of choosing a MNZ therapist

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